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Why do you use Neutrik and Rean Connectors?

Simply because they're the best. We've made cables using every connector out there and these are the ones that have the lowest failure rate. They're extremely reliable components and have been used by touring professionals for decades. 

Why do you use Van Damme Cable?

Because it sounds great, it's reasonably priced, extremely reliable and available in a huge variety of colours and sizes. They also keep huge amounts of product in stock at the supplier which means we can turn big orders round very quickly. 

What's the difference between Unbalanced and Balanced Cables?

Putting it as simply as possible, an "Unbalanced" cable carries one signal and a "Balanced" cable carries two. Typically, Unbalanced cables are used for musical instruments such as Guitars, Keyboards etc. Balanced cables tend to be used for things like Microphones.


An unbalanced 1/4" connector (such as that you would find on a standard guitar cable) can also be referred to as TS (Tip / Sleeve) and a balanced connector is referred to as TRS (Tip / Ring / Sleeve). 

What's the difference between Soldered and Solderless Cables?

Soldered cables are manufactured by physically soldering the cable to a connector. Solderless cables rely on a mechanical connection which is then "grounded" either using a screw or other part to slightly cut into the wire to make a ground connection. In our opinion, soldered cables are always going to be more reliable than solderless ones.


However, there is also a size limit to consider when using soldered cables (they are slightly bigger in their nature to accommodate the tags / buckets that you solder to) which is why solderless cables can be very handy for tight spaces such as pedalboards. But it is always wise to make the extra space you need either by buying a bigger pedalboard or using less pedals to accommodate soldered connectors.


We also sell smaller Patch cables using a "pancake" connector which takes up a lot less space than a regular Neutrik one. 

Why are Handmade cables better than Moulded ones?

Because they are serviceable. If a moulded cable (such as the cheaper ones out there sold by some retailers) fails, you have no choice to either buy a new cable or cut the end off and put on a fresh one.


Moulded cables are also very cheaply made, using cheap components that can be very noisy and unreliable. 

What does 'In Stock' mean?

If a product says "In Stock" on our website, it either means we have the cable in it's packaging ready to send out immediately or that we have the parts in stock to make up the cable within the same day of ordering.


If you need something very quickly, check for the "In Stock" logo on the product page. 

Do you're prices include VAT?

No. Bedford Audio is not registered for VAT.

Do you make Multicores and Pedalboard Looms?

Yes. We make them all the time for bands all over the world. The next phase of our website will include a Multicore and Pedalboard Loom section which will display a variety of off the shelf loom products.


In the meantime, if you'd like one making up, we'd be happy to provide you with a custom quote for one. Please email us the details.