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All Bedford Audio cables come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


What this means is if the cable ever lets you down due to a mechanical failure or general wear and tear, we will repair or replace it free of charge. All we ask is that you send it back to us in the original packaging (to prove you bought it from us), along with proof of purchase. 


If you would like to return a faulty cable back to us, please fill out the contact form and post the cable to :


Bedford Audio LTD

Sum Studios

1 Hartley Street


S2 3AQ


What does Limited mean?


Essentially all we ask is that you don't mistreat the cable. We will not accept faulty cables under the following limitations:


- If the cable has been cut 

- If the cable has been exposed to extreme heat or fire 

- If the cable has been modified in anyway from it's original condition